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Environment and people’s wellbeing

Helping and Learning Without Borders”, project’s number: 2020-1-PL01-KA229-082145

Biodiversity In My Camera Exhibition

Students from all the participating schools shared photos they had taken of unique natural elements from their regions. An international team consisting of representatives from all the partner schools chose the best photos and all the partner schools organized Biodiversity In My Camera Exhibitions.
The links to the photos can be found here.

Biodiveristy quiz link

Water Management in Partner Schools’ Countries

Groups of students from all the participating countries researched how water is managed in their homeland. They took into consideration the following topics:

– water sources;

– water storage;

– water treatment;

– water as a source of energy.

A google slides presentation was then created so that everyone could share their research in a collaborative work environment. Because each country is distinctive, there was also room for a special section, unique features. The task was made with the use of Project Based Learning Principles.

During C-1 LTTA in Madeira, the students were asked to work in international teams on the topic “Human need for water”, which focused on water and the human body, the state of the world’s freshwater, water consumption water usage, and earth’s water supply. The participants watched a video on the topic “Are we running out of clean water?”, by Balsher Singh Sidhu and completed a Kahoot questionnaire on it.

a video link

Kahoot questionnaire link

Public announcements about the importance of water made by international teams of students in Madeira link

Noise and its impact on our wellbeing 

Students from all the partner schools created questions for a survey on how noise affects people’s well-being. They posted the questions on the project Twinspace. Then, an international team of project representatives from all the participating schools met online, explored the topic and created a survey. The results of the survey were discussed during the C-3 LTTA in Palermo. International teams of students made public video announcements to warn people against noise.

Lesson scenario on noise and its impact on people’s wellbeing.

Survey on noise created by our students.

Fight overpackaging poster

An international team of students made a poster encouraging us all to save our planet by limiting the use of packaging in our life. Thank you!

The Quality of Air in Six European Countries

Our students in an international team, with Project Based Learning methodology, did research and an experiment to measure the quality of air in their towns. Then, they compared the results and drew conclusions. Here the are! Check their presentation.

The World Needs You Poster

An international team of students made a poster encouraging us all to engage in volunteering and activities which aim to save our Planet. We can all make a difference. Thank you!

TAKE ACTION! workshops results (students’ posters about the air quality) link

Go Green! Our students participating in eco events – link.

Below you can see some of the photos taken during our project online meetings. It was wonderful to meet talk and collaborate with other people, especially because we were all locked in our homes due to the pandemic.

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